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Bulletin Doteky

Bulletin Doteky has been published by the civic association Lorm since 1994 four times a year - SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN, and WINTER. The bulletin is dedicated to all the clients and public interested in the problems of the deafblind. Doteky bring information on the activity of the civic association LORM, news from events taking place both in the CR and abroad, news in social and legal issues, parts of the bulletin Doteky are the columns on Health, Lines for seniors, Hobbies etc.

Bulletin is a unique space, where the deafblind themselves may express, whether through a poem or a declaration or by a reportage, news or a favorite recipe. Bulletin is an important mediator of communication - a bridge that connects all the deafblind in the CR.

The bulletin is published in large black-print, in Braille's print and as a sound recording on cassettes.

Editor in chief: Zdenek Sedlácek, Chlum 55, 262 93 Nalžovice.

Price of one issue is 12,50 Kc.

A whole year subscription including shipping is 50,- Kc.

Information on subscription are given and orders are accepted at LORM, Zborovská 65, 150 00 Praha 5,

The bulletin is based on received orders mailed to the members of LORM and to other people and organizations, including compulsory copies. Received manuscripts, drawings and photographs are archived and given back only on request of the sender.

Print and distribution of the Braille's version and the sound recording: Printer and library for the blind of K. E. Macan, Ve Smeckách 15, 110 00 Praha 1, tel: 222210492, 222211523. Distribution of the sound recordings: Each new issue is mailed in return for a cassette of the previous issue or for a new C 90 cassette for the recording.

The bulleting is not translated into any foreign language.

Registration at the Ministry of Culture of the CR No. E 11000