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About LORM

LORM is a public association bringing together deafblind people, their families, friends, and others concerned with deafblindness and the problems associated with it. At present, LORM has about 200 members and maintains contact with about 350 deafblind people. It offers help and assistance to deafblind people of all age groups as well as to others who come into contact with them or who take an interest in this disability.

LORM offers systematic care to deafblind people as individuals or in groups with the aim of overcoming the negative psychological and social effects of deafblindness, which affect both those who suffer from this disability and their families. LORM always respects the needs of individual clients.

LORM arranges courses for rehabilitation and education, including some residential courses, organises other group activities, cultural activities and other events in various regions for deafblind people and their assistants. Group care is complemented with care for individuals provided by regional social workers in clients homes and/or at the association´s advisory centres in Prague, Brno, Liberec. Its main objective is to develop skills in communication, mobility and spatial orientation. Clients are also offered information in social and legal matters, information about tools and equipment for the deafblind, hearing aids and other services.

LORM publishes its own newsletter, "DOTEKY" ("Touches"), four times a year, which clients can obtain in large print, Braille or recorded onto tape. Since it was founded, in 1991, LORM has been gathering specialist literature concerning the problems faced by deafblind people, and its library now contains about 550 documents and other publications which are widely used both by students of special education and other individuals.

Last, but not least, LORM keeps the general public informed about the problems faced by deafblind people and how they can help them. We have launched a campaign recently to raise awareness about the new compensation aid for the deafblind red and white cane and also to get some financial support for our activities.