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Services provided by LORM

How can we help you?

We can teach you how to overcome communication barrier of the deafblindness. We can improve your life quality by increasing your independence, cultivation of your activity and creativity.

We can provide you with information on legal issues.

How can we do it?

  • By organizing a rehabilitative and educational courses on which you will receive:

    • psychological care
    • social-legal information
    • teaching of mobility
    • teaching of Braille print and Lorm´s alphabet
    • information on hearing aids
    • information on compensatory aids

    and many others...

  • During the stay you will achieve an improvement of your physical powers, acquire confidence and realize that some of the life obstacles, which were impossible to overcome alone, will be happily overcome with our help.

  • By the bulletin "Doteky", which informs you and advice you and to which you may have your own contributions.

  • By organizing a club meetings where you are among your own that understand you.

  • By legal consultation with lawyer.

  • By providing interpreting services for the deafblind.

What you or someone close to you have to do for it?

You have to let us know at the listed contact places by phone or in letter what kind of help or advice do you need.

What we have to do for it?

We have to reach out for you with a helping hand and with our hearts open for you.